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Hilliard Senior Living

at Carriage Court of Hilliard

Having a place to call "home" is something we all seek, no matter where we are in life. Knowing we have people to rely on and assistance if needed helps us feel free to enjoy all that life has to offer. You will find helping hands, friendly faces, and more at Carriage Court of Hilliard.

Not only do our residents have plenty of opportunities to socialize and lots of new friends, they can also enjoy these relationships in our welcoming facility, whether it be in a rocking chair on the front porch or in the living area next to the cheerful birds in the aviary. There are plenty of other common spaces to enjoy with friends or reserve for parties with family. Guests will love spending time in our welcoming community on any day, but especially during one of our many themed events, including Elvis Day, Western Night, or the Peach Jubilee. And don't forget about our holiday parties, famous for the succulent meat main dishes and forty dessert choices!

With thriving Assisted Living and Memory Care communities, Carriage Court of Hilliard has plenty of activities, amenities, health services, and care options to meet the needs of all of its residents. Though the care plan for Memory Care is all-inclusive, Assisted Living residents are able to personalize their plan, adding items as needed.

No matter what a resident's physical needs happen to be or whether he or she is in Assisted Living or Memory Care, everyone is greeted with the same love and respect. All residents benefit from the nurturing relationships formed here, whether it be with a staff member or another resident. Our goal is to provide a welcoming environment that everyone can all home.

Carriage Court of Hilliard

3570 Heritage Club Dr Hilliard, OH 43026
T: 614-664-9124 T: 614-664-7584 Email Us